May 16, 2011

Drive-in Theater by Coca-Cola

How can traffic jams can create good will among your consumers. Well, to do this right you need to have the right ingredients.

Let me see:
1. A traffic jam - something that will hold people long enough for you to take action.
2. Something that will make them feel good while being stuck in traffic (I know, that's just pure evil).
3. The right incentive to make them use your product.

Well that's exactly what Coca-Cola and Ogilvy Columbia did in Bogota, Columbia. How long has it been since you watched a movie from your car? Or, did you ever watched a movie from your car? I believe some of you, just like me, never did it.

Before watching the video, allow me to explain what they did.

The problem: a daily 4 hours traffic jam in Bogota. How can Coca-Cola turn headaches into smiling faces?

The solution: build a giant video screen for those stuck in traffic and invite them to tune their car radio to the local FM station so they could hear the audio.

Incentives: what could make this even better, but people walking up and down the rows of cars offering 250ml bottles of Coca-Cola, popcorn, nachos and other goodies.

This campaign made by Ogilvy Columbia is part of Coca-Cola's 125th anniversary. I must admit that I'd like to see this happening also here in Romania. As usual, what are your thoughts about this type of campaigns? If you like it - share it !

via Adverblog

As a bonus, here is what Coca-Cola did to its headquarters in Atlanta. This is the largest building illumination in the world, covering the 26 story building with the projection of nearly 1 million lumens of light. The fun part was that anyone who uploaded their Coca-Cola photos to the Facebook fan page could have their pictures included in the show projection.

via PSFK

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