May 30, 2011

How to attract attention to your products or services

photo cred: captcreate

Recent marketing campaigns are spread worldwide and all potential customers are literally bombarded with adds for all kinds of products. People have gotten to the point where it is all background noise. We let that which does not matter slide because we fear that our head will explode if we have to remember everything.

It's about time for smarter and more interesting marketing that captures the target customers' attention and interest. Here is a video that shows a few examples on how to get people out of their heads and fully interested in knowing more about a product they probably don't yet want or need. This requires creativity, but can show great results if applied correctly:

People are curious by nature. We all love to be understood, amazed and we love to feel special. Any company that can use that in a smart and positive way (offering a win-win situation) will profit and build a long term relationship with a great number of customers.

Any idea that shows people something they haven't thought about or weren't expecting to see then and there will immediately attract attention and sales.

How would you react to this kind of commercial?

About The Author: Mark

My name is Mircea Cretu. I go by many names, but here, for english sake I'll be Mark.

I am the Co-Founder of Goldfish Company which is dealing with outsourcing services for managers and freelancers all over the world. I'm interested in acquiring marketing, sales and management knowledge and skills. I am a constant reader and student on many subjects. I knew that once school was over it was time for me to start learning, so here I am.

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