June 10, 2011

20 Ways To Become The Best In Your Field

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Becoming the best in a certain field has always been the ultimate challenge. This requires determination beyond anything. It means not settling for "second best", not going halfway in your journey to success and fulfillment, surpassing yourself and all the others while you evolve and grow.

I received a list from Adrian Soare called "101+ Ways For Becoming The Best In Your Field". We will attach it to the blog post so you can download it and check it from time to time to remind yourself what can bring you results in your field of interest.

I consider the following 20 point to be the most important ones:

1. Offer 20% more than your average client expects. By doing this you will surprise your clients in the best way possible and most of them will want to repay you for this with a service, more money or with a recommendation.

2. Offer to help 3 clients that can’t afford the price you ask for your services. Sometimes doing something for free can actually get you more than the value in money. "There's no greater purpose than to service others." Let's not forget the reason we are here.

3. Focus at least 25% of your work on what you can do best. This means focusing on your strengths, not your weaknesses. The right focus will bring you the right result.

4. Get known as a person who uses constructive critique. Speak your mind in order to improve, not to attack others.

5. Take free time for yourself. Sometimes you need to regroup, rest, take some time to actually enjoy something that is not necessarily productive.

6. Take a junior under your wing and teach him. By teaching someone else you learn more. You're never done learning and having a fresh mind in your organization or business can show very helpful. This helps breaking the patterns in your day to day thinking. A bright junior will fill in your gaps.

7. Communicate 3 main messages that you sustain. We always communicate something. It's important to pay attention to what we communicate through words and actions to our clients, coworkers, but also to our friends and family.

8. Set high standards for quality and stick to them. Do everything in the best way that you can do it. Your best won't always be the same. It depends on your state of mind or your health, but strive to do and to be the best now because there is no better moment for it.

9. Invest 10% of your earnings in trainings, coaching and books. Seek out new ideas, ways of thinking, don't stop reading. Investing in yourself is a continuous process. As humans, we tend to become lazy if we don't keep up a certain pace to learning and improving.

10. Act like a professional. This means keeping your word business wise, being on time for meetings, reaching deadlines, being trust worthy.

11. See what are your addictions and plan to free yourself from them. Addictions hold you down. They show how much control you have over yourself. Practice control over your thought and actions and you will never be helpless.

12. Work to become a center of influence. Get to the point were you can get things done socially speaking. Make friends and influence people. Become a change agent, the kind of person that brings out the best in others, not only in himself.

13. Don’t allow yourself to have dead moments. Work for free if it’s necessary instead of not doing anything. Keep your momentum. Never stop moving towards your goals which should never be just money.

14. Talk when you have something important to say. You are lucky to have a voice. Use it, make your ideas be known. Some will laugh, judge and dis-consider, but that doesn't concern you because you're on a mission, you have your own path, aspirations and goals.

15. Publicly recognize other peoples’ value, don’t give them cheap compliments. Always be honest with your compliments and generally with words. Integrity is rare and very appreciated. Learn to appreciate others for their true value.

16. Learn from those that are better than you. Until you will become the best in your field there will be someone better than you. It's good to make that person your friend if possible, follow his steps and see what you can do to get where he is.

17. Accept rejection with a smile on your face. Holding a grudge for a contract you didn't close or getting angry for a deal you didn't make won't change anything. By smiling you are relaxed and open to new opportunities. They will show up if you have the eyes to see them.

18. Think big, act accordingly. There is no point in thinking small. Dreaming is all we have. All that we see today in our world was at one moment in the past someone's dream. By thinking big you turn the impossible into possible. It takes courage to do this. What do you fear?

19. Believe in the work you do. If you don't believe in yourself and your work then no one will. Only you know your true potential, if you allow it to manifest.

20. Save 10% of what you earn and put it aside. Put some money aside. It's not easy, but again it shows control. You will need that money someday for something you haven't thought about yet.

About The Author: Mark

My name is Mircea Cretu. I go by many names, but here, for english sake I'll be Mark.

I am the Co-Founder of Goldfish Company which is dealing with outsourcing services for managers and freelancers all over the world. I'm interested in acquiring marketing, sales and management knowledge and skills. I am a constant reader and student on many subjects. I knew that once school was over it was time for me to start learning, so here I am.

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