November 1, 2011

What motivates you !?

Photo cred: Jinx!

Hello world ! Yes, I've taken a short vacation from writing on this blog and this is mainly because my schedule looked like hell for the last months...of course this doesn't mean that the torment is over, or is it ?!

I came across an interesting video about what motivates us at home and in the workplace. To be honest with you, I'm surprised how much I can relate to what Dan Pink is saying about this.

As usual, let me know what your thoughts are after watching this video. What motivates you in your day to day life ?


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I work as a Senior Marketing Specialist for a B2B marketing consultancy company called NNC Services where I get to do what I like the most: help businesses grow, meet new people that are working on some interesting new projects and learn lots of stuff every day. I enjoy playing video games, watching good movies and creating new business ideas. I like to think of myself as being a problem solver, solution finder and overall positive attitude individual.

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