April 11, 2011

Effective Management

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A lot of focus has been put in the last few years on management styles or techniques. Management exists for the same reason a business exists: to better serve the clients and in the process to create revenue for the company. It isn't there to waste time and energy or to stress employees with authority manifesting methods.

A little freedom never hurt anybody

A very good type of management is one that enables freedom and empowers the employees. Only when a person becomes responsible for something does he really give it his best. It becomes his creation and responsibility. He knows the result will represent him.

No power trips please

An employee always answers to the upper management. He can be questioned about his actions and that is only normal. He has a target to reach, he has to sell, to service clients, to represent the company in a professional way. It's not productive for him to hate or fear his manager. As we all know, fear is destructive. It only creates mediocrity, it closes doors for thoughts and actions. Managers out there, do NOT be the "big bad wolf"! Having what we can call a power trip, showing others that you are superior through your position only to feel better about yourself will only do you and the company wrong. 

The idea is to sustain them, be a real supervisor and correct them when they go wrong, but do it in a constructive way. A bit of understand and compassion can prove to be useful and productive as well. We've all seen bad management and we know where it leads: demotivating people, making them hate their job and wanting to change it. It also affects their performance for that time that they will stay there. Even if they know they have to stay in the company for a little bit more time, they will do it like it's prison time, just waiting to get it over with. Is that how you want things to be done in your company: fast and flawed?

Here is the best example I found on how to treat your people, help them live a good life and also add value to the company. Google's "Jolly Good Fellow," Chade-Meng Tan, talks about how the company practices compassion in its everyday business - and its bold side projects.

Was any of the information presented here useful for you? Let me know what are your thoughts on this.


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