April 6, 2011

What does doing business really mean?

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This is a question that I've asked myself for some time now. The business world, the big corporate field seems very appealing nowadays for the young businessman or professional to be. It gives you a steady environment in which you can learn, grow and bring your personal contribution not only to the organization but to the business partners as well. I understand that any company wants to have better and more customers in order to raise capital and profit. The question I have is "Why are people and corporations acting like there is no limit to natural resources?" Without falling into the Greenpeace environmentalist spirit I simply ask you, the reader: "Is the way things have been going for the last fifty years sustainable?"

Leaving the Earth's resources issues aside it's important to speak about the other item on the list, which seems absolutely necessary for conducting business and obtaining profit: humans. On numerous occasions creating a life-time connection with clients has proven beneficial to companies. Sometimes all they had to do was care a little bit more, not going directly for the person's money, but looking to enrich his personal life and experience, finding a solution to his concerns.

What matters now

In one of his many books, Seth Godin asks this even without the question mark, maybe showing us that indeed questions are answers. He reminds us one of the basic things in the business world. The fact that in order to get what you want you first have to help a lot of people to get what they need and want for themselves. Offering value to others will make them want to return the favor in the future. Honestly caring for them as if their problem would be yours could really bring the best solutions for customers.

Also ask yourself "What gives me personal satisfaction?"

In any business activity it's important to work with integrity and honesty to create a solid career. As Zig Zigglar said it himself: "The most powerful weapon of persuasion is your own integrity." Building any solid relationship with a person or a company is done without bending notions like honesty or dignity.

"You are only as rich as the enrichment you bring to the world around you." (Seth Godin)


About The Author: Mark

My name is Mircea Cretu. I go by many names, but here, for english sake I'll be Mark.

I am the Co-Founder of Goldfish Company which is dealing with outsourcing services for managers and freelancers all over the world. I'm interested in acquiring marketing, sales and management knowledge and skills. I am a constant reader and student on many subjects. I knew that once school was over it was time for me to start learning, so here I am.

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