April 18, 2011

New Marketing and Transparency

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Marketing campaigns have a very well established plan on what, when and how to present a brand or a product to the potential customers. Every company wants to fully control the process that determines how the people will see them in the future. Do YOU think this is the natural way of doing things?

What we see and what is

A very strong businessman once told me that "Facts speak louder than words". This makes very much sense because anyone can talk, but only the results really matter in the end.
It doesn't matter if your company is a multimillion dollar producer or a small neighborhood shop. The most important things is to realize what is the message you are really sending your customers through your marketing campaign.

A lesson on transparency

Morgan Spurlock, known by many for the documentary "Super size me", had a very interesting idea which he presented during a TED TALK. He wanted to create a movie in which he should present a company and its services or products. He went with this idea to more than a dozen of the biggest companies in the U.S. None of them wanted anything to do with the movie or with the idea. What bothered the company managers the most was that they had no direct control over the information presented in this movie.

The truth is:
1. Companies don't want to be seen by the customers through their own eyes. They want to educate this perception through the media channels (and they start very early, since childhood if possible, when people are very easy to influence).
2. They want to be the best in their field through a repeated claim or catchy motto, not through the utility and contribution brought to the customer. 

A new approach

Clients are becoming more educated and pretentious. It's about time marketing implements new ideas and concepts. A good example of this is Toms Shoes. They have a different approach on what marketing should look like. The company actually wants to give something back to those in need. If a person buys a pair of their shoes then Toms Shoes will give a pair for free to a person that can't afford it (mostly children from poor families). This simple idea reduced the marketing costs drastically and created a touching story that unites people.

What would make you become a devoted customer of a certain company? Would it be the aggressive marketing  campaign that the company has? Does small proof that they might actually care about the well being of people help on your perception about them?

Let me know what are your thoughts on this.


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