April 30, 2011

Heat MWC from Google at the Mobile World Congress 2011

Photo cred: JD Hancock

In February 2011 the Mobile World Congress took place in Barcelona. This event is a great opportunity to create new business connections, present new products and services and why not, make new friends.

The app created specially for this event was the Heat MWC from Google . The entire idea of the app is to make socializing easier for the users. It helps bring down boundaries making interaction more fun. Because of its settings you can search in real time for people with common interest and then go personally meet them exchanging contact info in the easiest way possible.

Having a heat map at the tip of your fingers is a great tool and concept with numerous uses for future events that can be business related or just for entertainment purposes.

A 24 hours "tour" of the event represented in 48 seconds would look like this. The constant movement of people throughout the city of Barcelona seen in fast forward looks like microorganisms under the microscope lens.

What are your thoughts on this app and new way of social dynamics?


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